Some Parks Now Open in Pittsburg

The City of Pittsburg Public Works Department has been busy working to prepare our parks for full public use. With guidance from the California Department of Public Health, we have implemented safety protocols to keep our residents protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Parks will be opening in three phases. We are happy to announce that the First Phase is complete and the following parks are currently open:

  • 8th Street Greenbelt                     
  • Americana Park                       
  • California Seasons Park        
  • Columbia linear Park                  
  • De Anza Park                              
  • Heritage Park Plaza
  • Highlands Park                     
  • Hillsdale Park                                
  • Larry Lasater Park
  • Marina Walk Park
  • Oak Hills Park
  • Santa Fe Linear Park
  • Village Park at New York Landing
  • Woodland Hills Park

The Second Phase will include parks needing additional staff and safety measures to open and maintain these parks due to the presence of restrooms and special structures. The third and final phase will open the remaining, more complex parks. We would like to remind visitors to “Play it Safe”, mask up, and practice social distancing. 

***Park openings are subject to change due to staff, weather, and CDC / State guidelines***

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