Closed Facilities

On March 16, 2020, the City of Pittsburg held a special City Council meeting at 7:01 pm where the City Council voted unanimously to adopt a Resolution proclaiming a local emergency in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 8th Street Greenbelt 
  • Americana Park
  • California Seasons Park
  • Central Harbor Park 
  • Central Park 
  • Columbia linear Park              
  • De Anza Park              
  • Giacomelli Park 
  • Heritage Park Plaza
  • Highlands Park              
  • Highlands Ranch Park 
  • Hillsdale Park                     
  • John Buckley Park 
  • John Henry Johnson Park 
  • Larry Lasater Park
  • Marina Walk Park
  • Mariner Park 
  • Oak Hills Park
  • Santa Fe Linear Park
  • Stoneman trail 
  • Village Park at New York Landing
  • Woodland Hills Park


  • City Hall (65 Civic Ave.)
  • Housing Authority (916 Cumberland St.)
  • Senior Community Center (300 Presidio Ln.)
  • Environmental Services (2581 Harbor St.)
  • Corporation Yard (357 E 12th St.)
  • Buchanan Pool (4150 Harbor St.)
  • Small World Park (2551 Harbor St.)
  • Pittsburg Marina Office (51 Marina Blvd.)
  • Island Energy Office (995 Walnut Ave., Vallejo)

Essential services will continue, including Law Enforcement, Public Works, Housing Authority, and utility services (including the City’s water treatment plant and Island Energy).

Pittsburg Water Department Payment Counter is closed, however phone support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  More information can be found on the Water Department page.

Pittsburg Housing Authority offices are closed to the public, however staff is available to assist you by phone and/or email. For more information on how these changes effect their customers, click here: ENG SPAN

Public Buildings & Facilities Closed

  • Pittsburg California Theatre (351 Railroad Ave.)
  • Railroad Book Depot (650 Railroad Ave.)
  • Pittsburg Unified Schools
  • Pittsburg Library (80 Power Ave.)
  • STS Academy (60 Civic Ave.)
  • Pittsburg Superior Court (1001 Center Dr.)
  • All Gated Parks will remain locked
  • All Public Restrooms
  • All Rental Facilities and Areas
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