Contra Costa County Construction FAQ

There are many questions concerning what construction is allowed and what isn’t during the Shelter in Place. Below is information provided on March 19, 2020 by Contra Costa County regarding construction.

Q. What is the impact on construction projects in Contra Costa County?

A. So long as social distancing practices are used during construction, certain projects are allowed. All residential construction projects that are partly completed can continue to completion in order to ensure health and safety. The Order prohibits new construction projects unless they are adding to the supply of our county’s housing stock (i.e. building a second unit, building a new home, etc.) or maintaining the habitability of homes in order to avoid displacement of residents. Business construction projects related to maintaining or upgrading essential business, government or health care infrastructure are also allowed to go forward. While the County Health Officer issued the Order, local building officials in towns, cities, and the County will be handling day-to-day implementation. The County will continue to update these frequently asked questions to respond to issues from cities, businesses, and individuals as they arise.

Q. Will the County still be accepting applications to build new residences?

A. Yes.

Q. I run a construction company that builds affordable and market rate housing. Can we continue to build new units?

A. Yes. Creation of new housing units, including both market rate and affordable housing units, is essential. The Order allows construction projects to proceed and new ones to begin if they contribute new residential housing stock to meet the County’s critical need for additional housing supply.

Q. I am midway through a remodel. Can my construction project continue?

A. Yes. Residential renovation projects of any kind that are currently underway may continue if necessary, to a safe, sanitary, and functional home. Likewise, residential remodeling projects that are partly completed may continue if delaying completion would pose a safety, security, or sanitation risk to residents or impact the habitability of the residence.

Q. I have a contractor scheduled to begin a remodel next week. Can I go ahead with this project?

A. You must defer your remodel or renovation project unless it is necessary to restore your home to a safe, sanitary, and habitable space.

Q. Is general commercial construction allowed?

A. Unless your construction project is a health care facility, it is only allowed if it is necessary to the operation or maintenance of “essential infrastructure” or an “essential business” as those terms are defined in the Order. Projects already under construction that are not “essential infrastructure” or an “essential business” must be suspended but will be allowed to proceed to a point necessary to prevent damage to materials that a delay in finishing would create or to make the site safe and secure.

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